When it comes to Game there are very few chefs  more passionate and ensconced in the countryside than
Marco Pierre White

Upon arrival guests are welcome to browse the stalls in the Game Fair Christmas market

The Best of British Game Restaurant sittings start at 1pm (for lunch) 6pm (for dinner) with a sparkling reception. Marco himself will be busy in the kitchen at this point

A five-course tasting menu is planned – the focus will be on game and seasonal ingredients

A half-bottle of wine will be provided per guest, with additional options available to purchase throughout

After the meal, guests will be joined in the restaurant by Marco Pierre White for an informal Q&A session

The renowned chef and restaurateur will be hosting The Best of British Game Restaurant at the Game Fair Christmas. Offering lunch and dinner on the 18th, 19th and 20th November, the Michelin maestro will be in attendance on each day.

Menus will focus on seasonality and reflect Marco’s sustainable and exciting food philosophy.

 “The wonderful thing about cooking wild produce is the richness and depth of flavour” says Marco, “along with the versatility of the dishes. Game Pie is a hearty friend on a chilly Autumn night.”

Diners at each sitting will be treated to a Q&A session with Marco, learning about cooking this fabulously sustainable food source, and the philosophy and culture of the great British tradition of Game during the festive season.